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FEMA Section 106 Notices for Louisiana
Comment on "Seeking Public Comment for Privately-Owned Commercial Buildings Undergoing Eligibility Review for FEMA-Funded Demolition:
Club Desire, 2604 Desire Street, New Orleans, Louisiana
Seeking Alternatives to Demolition
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Name: R. Stephanie Bruno
City: New Orleans, LA 70115
2604 Desire Street, 70117
Comments: This seems to be an important music landmark.

Rather than using FEMA funds on its demolition, why not urge the City of New Orleans to offer it for auction as a property adjudicated for nonpayment of taxes? Per the assessor's web site, the building has been tax delinquent since 1990 and twice been adjudicated.

If the property were auctioned (as the city is doing with other tax adjudicated properties it owns), no doubt those advocating for an ownership change would purchase it.

If the property is auctioned, the city would recoup some of the back taxes and FEMA would save tax payer dollars to be used for a different purpose.