Indian Mounds of Northeast Louisiana Book Cover
Indian Mounds of Northeast Louisiana Trail Guide

Indians built mounds in Louisiana for about 5,500 years. The mounds had many different shapes, sizes, and functions. The earliest sites had mounds with rounded tops. Later sites sometimes had flat-topped mounds with temples and chiefs' houses on them. To learn more, order Indian Mounds of Northeast Louisiana: A Driving Trail Guide, a color brochure free from the Louisiana Division of Archaeology. Download a PDF version of the guide.

The Anthropological Study Series provides a snapshot of the Louisiana's rich cultural heritage from the time humans first entered the region (approximately 10,000 BCE) until the late 20th century.  

The works below resulted from a partnership between several agencies, including the Division of Archaeology, FEMA, NPS, and the various Cultural Resource Management firms who investigate archaeological and historical sites during the Section 106 project. 

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