2016 Sunset Report

OLG & DCRT Strategic Plan
2020-21 through 2024-25


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RG 3French Manuscripts, Mississippi Valley 1679-1769French Manuscripts, Mississippi Valley 1679-1769
RG 7Jean Mercier Estate Paper’sJean Mercier Estate Paper’s
RG 8Jacob Hart’s EstateJacob Hart’s Estate
RG 9Miscellaneous Working Papers of Louis T. CaireMiscellaneous Working Papers of Louis T. Caire RG 54
RG 12John Slidell PapersJohn Slidell Papers
RG 13John McDonogh PapersJohn McDonogh Papers
RG 13Documents de John McDonough [French Language Finding Aid]Documents de John McDonough [French Language Finding Aid]
RG 14Grace and O.W. Chamberlain PapersGrace and O.W. Chamberlain Papers
RG 29Charity Hospital PapersCharity Hospital Papers RG 29
RG 34Nathaniel Cox PapersNathaniel Cox Papers RG 34
RG 36James Currell PapersJames Currell Papers RG 36
RG 42Bourg Family PapersBourg Family Papers RG 42
RG 43General Claire Lee Chennault PapersGeneral Claire Lee Chennault Papers RG 43
RG 51Briant Family PapersBriant Family Papers RG 51
RG 52Kemper PapersKemper Papers RG 52
RG 54Isaac Monroe Cline CollectionIsaac Monroe Cline Collection RG 54
RG 57Meta H. Gates CollectionMeta H. Gates Collection RG 57
RG 60Charles Barre – Joseph Durand Family PapersCharles Barre – Joseph Durand Family Papers RG 60
RG 61Mansfield Lovell CollectionMansfield Lovell Collection RG 61
RG 62Harriet Coulter Joor CollectionHarriet Coulter Joor Collection
RG 68Master CalendarMaster Calendar RG 68
RG 71Washington Artillery CollectionCharity Hospital Papers RG 29
RG 91Louis V. Eckert CollectionLouis V. Eckert Collection RG 91
RG 94Charles H. Buck CollectionCharles H. Buck Collection RG 94
RG 95James Daly CollectionJames Daly Collection RG 95
RG 96Merci Train CollectionMerci Train Collection RG 96
RG 97Louisiana Politics 1911-1935Louisiana Politics 1911-1935 RG 97
RG 105Joubert Family PapersJoubert Family Papers RG 105
RG 106Manuscripts of Collected Poetry PapersManuscripts of Collected Poetry Papers RG 106
RG 107Order Book Louisiana MilitiaOrder Book Louisiana Militia RG 107
RG 115The John and Jean Rousseau CollectionThe John and Jean Rousseau Collection
RG 115Recueil de données de John et Jean ROUSSEAU [French Language Finding Aid]Recueil de données de John et Jean ROUSSEAU [French Finding Aid]
RG 155Mildred Guel CollectionMildred Guel Collection RG 155
RG 156Duchamp Family Papers CollectionDuchamp Family Papers Collection RG 156
RG 157LSM Properties: Deeds, Legacies, OpinionsLSM Properties: Deeds, Legacies, Opinions RG 157
RG 158Mathieu/Kracke Papers CollectionMathieu/Kracke Papers Collection RG 158
RG 159Reese CollectionReese Collection RG 159
RG 160Al Rose CollectionAl Rose Collection RG 160
RG 161Sue Turner CollectionSue Turner Collection RG 161
RG 163Prisoners of War held at the Customs House (Civil War) CollectionPrisoners of War held at the Customs House (Civil War) Collection RG 163
RG 164Ross/Stackhouse Papers (Belle Chasse Plantation)Ross/Stackhouse Papers (Belle Chasse Plantation) RG 164
RG 168Margin Smith CollectionMartin Smith Collection
RG 176Scheidau CollectionScheidau Collection RG 176
RG 206M.L. Hutton CollectionM.L. Hutton Collection
RG 207Mrs. Don B. Porter CollectionMrs. Don B. Porter Collection
RG 210John McGinty PapersJohn McGinty Papers
RG 211Landry NotebookLandry Notebook
RG 212Albert L. Lietaud CollectionAlbert L. Lietaud Collection
RG 213De Brueys Family CollectionDe Brueys Family Collection
RG 214Buisson Family PapersBuisson Family Papers
RG 215Choctaw Indian Treaty AttemptChoctaw Indian Treaty Attempt
RG 216Canady CollectionCanady Collection
RG 217Marie Rose Rouzeau DocumentsMarie Rose Rouzeau Documents
RG 218Hugh McCall CollectionHugh McCall Collection
RG 219Stanley C. Arthur CollectionStanley C. Arthur Collection
RG 220Nahrgang Family PapersNahrgang Family Papers
RG 221John D. Bruns CollectionJohn D. Bruns Collection
RG 222Charles E. Fenner CollectionCharles E. Fenner Collection
RG 223W.J. Pennington CollectionW.J. Pennington Collection
RG 224Frank H. Mortimer CollectionFrank H. Mortimer Collection
RG 226Jes Dalton CollectionJes Dalton Collection
RG 227N. Wells Longshore CollectionN. Wells Longshore Collection
RG 228G.L. Le Bon CollectionG. L. Le Bon Collection
RG 229Henry Chotard CollectionHenry Chotard Collection
RG 230New Orleans Academy of Sciences CollectionNew Orleans Academy of Sciences Collection
RG 231R. Glenny CollectionR. Glenny Collection
RG 232David Pokorny CollectionDavid Pokorny Collection
RG 233J. P. Coulon LettersJ. P. Coulon Letters
RG 235Edward F. Haas CollectionEdward F. Haas Collection
RG 236Stanley C. Brooks CollectionStanley C. Brooks Collection
RG 237Imprints of Benjamin and Alexander LevyImprints of Benjamin and Alexander Levy
RG 239Letters of Jefferson DavisLetters of Jefferson Davis
RG 240Edward Schehr CollectionEdward Schehr Collection
RG 241C.D. Wells CollectionC. D. Wells Collection
RG 242A.W. Moffit CollectionA. W. Moffit Collection
RG 243Nicholas Bauer CollectionNicholas Bauer Collection
RG 243Collection de Nicholas Bauer [French Language Finding Aid]Collection de Nicholas Bauer [French Language Finding Aid]
RG 244Peter Samuel Anderson CollectionPeter Samuel Anderson Collection
RG 245Eustis Family PapersEustis Family Papers
RG 246T. Tupper PapersT. Tupper Papers
RG 247Samuel Ryan Curtis CollectionSamuel Ryan Curtis Collection
RG 249Kernion CollectionKernion Collection
RG 251Letters of Francis M. Fisk and Lt. H. St. JohnLetters of Francis M. Fisk and Lt. H. St. John
RG 252The State of Louisiana v. Etienne Sylvan, f.m.c.The State of Louisiana v. Etienne Sylvan, f.m.c.
RG 253Records of the Helping Hand MissionRecords of the Helping Hand Mission
RG 255H.G. O’Connell CollectionH.G. O’Connell Collection
RG 258New Orleans College of Pharmacy CollectionNew Orleans College of Pharmacy Collection
RG 261H. Roehl CollectionH. Roehl Collection
RG 293Lelia Beck CollectionLelia Beck Collection
RG 294Dorothy Ellis CollectionDorothy Ellis Collection
RG 296Director’s Script, motion picture “French Quarter”Director’s Script, motion picture titled French Quarter
RG 300Collected Magazine Articles About Huey Pierce LongCollected Magazine Articles About Huey Pierce Long
RG 420T. Fonville Winans CollectionRG 420
RG 527Hibernia National Bank CollectionHibernia National Bank Collection
RG 531Dayries Train CollectionDayries Train Collection