2016 Sunset Report

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  • About 2,000 objects
  • " Portraiture dominated painting in Louisiana from the 1770s through the early twentieth century. In the earliest years, José Francisco Xavier de Salazar y Mendoza introduced a Spanish Colonial style that remained popular for the next fifty years. After about 1820, a major influx of artists from the Northern states and Europe made Louisiana the art center of the American South. Important visitors included Louis-Antoine Collas, Antonio Meucci, Jean Joseph Vaudechamp, Matthew Harris Jouett, John Wesley Jarvis, Edmund Brewster, G.P.A. Healy, and John Vanderlyn. European artists François Fleischbein, George David Coulon, Jacques Amans, and Louis Nicholas Adolphe Rinck settled in the city during mid-career. Born in 1811, portraitist Julien Hudson, a free man of color, was among the earliest native-born artists.
  • Following the Civil War, a Louisiana landscape became a popular subject, lead by painters Richard Clague. Early twentieth century artist such as William Woodward and Wayman Adams embraced Impressionism. At mid-century artists such as Clarence Millet, William Spratling, John McCrady, and Caroline Durieux created paintings that addressed social issues.
  • The collection also includes a large number of paintings categorized often described as folk, outsider, or visionary art. During the nineteenth century, itinerant painters such as Mr. Feuille worked in a plain painting style, characterized by emphasis on pattern and detail. In the mid twentieth century, self-trained visionary artist such as Clementine Hunter, Sister Gertrude Morgan, and David Bulter came to national attention.
Jacques Guilliaume Lucien Amans Jacques Guilliaume Lucien AmansJohn L. Boqueta de Woiseri
John L. Boqueta de Woiseri
Edmund Brewster Edmund BrewsterWilliam Garl Brown, Jr. William Garl Brown, Jr.
Etiénne Constant Carlin Etiénne Constant CarlinCharles Colson Charles ColsonEugène-François-Marie-Joseph Devéria Eugène-François-Marie-Joseph DevériaFrancis Martin Drexel Francis Martin Drexel
Alexander John Drysdale Alexander John DrysdaleCaroline Wogan Durieux Caroline Wogan DurieuxFrancois Joseph Fleischbein Francois Joseph FleischbeinMr. Feuille
Mr. Feuille
Xavier Gonzalez Xavier GonzalezJulien Hudson Julien HudsonLouis Eugène Lami Louis Eugène LamiJosé Francisco Xavier de Salazar y Mendoza José Francisco Xavier de Salazar y Mendoza
Antonio Meucci Antonio MeucciPierre-Raymond-Jacques Monvoisin Pierre-Raymond-Jacques MonvoisinSister Gertrude Morgan Sister Gertrude MorganAchille Peretti Achille Peretti
Louis Nicholas Adolph Rinck Louis Nicholas Adolph RinckLuigi Marie Sotta Luigi Marie SottaWilliam P. Spratling William P. SpratlingThomas Bangs Thorpe Thomas Bangs Thorpe
Thure de Thulstrup Thure de ThulstrupJohn Vanderlyn John Vanderlyn