Thanks for choosing to share this fascinating piece of Louisiana history with your students!

El Nuevo Constante classroom exhibit is a wonderful resource for teaching about Louisiana history, colonialism, and everyday life on board a seventeenth century merchant vessel.

El Nuevo Constante exhibit contains authentic and replica artifacts from the only Spanish shipwreck found in Louisiana waters.

Exhibit Contents:

The original classroom exhibit is still available and contains the following materials:

  1. Gold Replica
  2. Replica Ceramic Dog
  3. Encrustation
  4. Replica Ceramic Cosmetic Jar
  5. Wool
  6. Leather
  7. Lead Patch
  8. Lead Grapeshot Ball
  9. Ballast Stone
  10. Animal Bone
  11. Turtle Shell
  12. Transparencies
  13. Illustrations
  14. El Nuevo Constante booklet
  15. Exploring for Shipwrecks book

Exhibit Dates:

The exhibit is shipped on a Monday, arriving at your school the next day (Tuesday) around noon. You will need to ship the exhibit on Thursday of the following week via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground, so that it will arrive in Baton Rouge on the following day (Friday). That gives you six school days to use the exhibit. Please supply three 2 week intervals, in order of preference, when you reserve the exhibit.


You can pick up the exhibit on Tuesday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm at the Division of Archaeology in Baton Rouge (1051 North Third Street, Room 319) and return it on Thursday of the next week.

Or, you can receive the exhibit at your school via FedEx Ground and you can return it (to Division of Archaeology, 1051 North Third Street, Room 319, Baton Rouge, LA 70802) via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground. You will be responsible for the cost of return shipping, which will be about $25.

Reserve the Exhibit:
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